Day 43 Sunday – The end of the cycle, arriving into Budapest

We left on the Cork to Roscoff ferry on 3rd June. After cycling 2,999 km in 34 days of our 43 day trip, today we arrived into Budapest.

(If Dunnes Stores did cycle trips, they too would cycle that distance!)Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 08.59.20

Day 0, Willie and Theresa dropped us to the ferry in Cork.

Our adventures for 43 days.

Day 43 crossing Margit Hid (bridge) into Budapest with Parliament buildings in the background.

Thanks for the messages when we arrived. Now that we’ve finished the trip, I’ll post a reflective piece during the week.

I’ve enjoyed keeping a diary of our adventures and your company along the way. Now that I’ve got back into blogging, I’ll probably continue writing tales of “life, the universe and everything” here once or twice weekly.


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8 Responses to Day 43 Sunday – The end of the cycle, arriving into Budapest

  1. Caroline Brennan says:


  2. lilinator says:

    Thanks Caroline, you would have loved the trip! Have a look at the comment on yesterday’s post re the Wild Atlantic Way cycle, any interest?

    • Caroline Brennan says:

      I looked at the Wild Atlantic Way link. I would love to do some of it. The only problem is the hills and of course the chance of getting some inclement weather during September. We will definitely talk when you get back about it.

      • lilinator says:

        Great Caroline. I first thought yes, then no that it would be too challenging, now I’m back to thinking yes. Our gear would be transported, all the organising/booking ahead would be done. All we’d have to do is cycle!

  3. Attila Fejes says:

    Thank you Lily. We enjoyed reading your blog from the first piece till the last one. Maybe you should write a guide book for cyclers. We are waiting for the next one. 🚲 Viva bikers!

    • lilinator says:

      Haha Atilla 🙂
      I read of the Irish Wild Atlantic Way cycle today that will be held in September – it’s 2,000 km over 17 days with no rest days. I would think that’s way too challenging!
      I’ll stick with our Dingle half-marathon in September, looking forward to you and Aniko coming for that.

  4. Kati Holloy says:

    Judging by your blog, you must have enjoyed every minute of this fantastic trip. Congratulations on your great achievement and adventure. I agree with Attila, you should continue writing 🙂

  5. lilinator says:

    Thank you Kati! I found the writing in the evening very relaxing and a good way to file the day’s memories. Like your great filing system that I try to emlulate!

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