Day 26 Ulm Cathedral and avoiding rain…

Today we cycled 115 km from Herbertingen to Günzburg.

After a lovely stay in our nice guesthouse in Herbertingen, we set off on our way.

But only after a big, healthy, breakfast – more of the lovely bircher muesli

Over the last few days we have started seeing storks. From holidays before in France, we knew of their liking to nest in church steeples. The church steeple here in Herbertingen had its nest.

When I looked on Wikipedia about storks’ nests: Their nests are often very large and may be used for many years. Some nests have been known to grow to over two metres (six feet) in diameter and about three metres (ten feet) in depth. IMG_5145

The weather forecast for today predicted some rain 😦

Because it had rained overnight, we noticed that the snails and worms were out in full force, note them on the base of this monument.

I found that I had a new obstacle on my path as I couldn’t in all conscience cycle over the worms/snails.

I even befriended some snails. I feel that we and they have a lot in common, we both carry our own packs!

This could be Denis cycling and me following!

One doesn’t often see hay saved like this nowadays.IMG_5243

An interesting sculpture

One of our many crossing back and forth over the DanubeIMG_4056


Taking a short cut 🙂IMG_4059

More storks

Just to give you an idea of the gradient sometimesIMG_4080

Here there was a sign saying the gradient was 20%! Denis made it up this one, I didn’t

I asked him after was he tempted to get down, he said his feet were clipped in so he had no choice but to stay going. Denis almost never walks up a hill even if it’s very steep. I tend to walk up the steeper ones particularly if I’m tired in the late afternoon.

Look who we found at the top of this particular hill!IMG_4102

We stopped for lunch in ErbachIMG_4126

Back on the road after lunch we passed these unusual looking sheepIMG_5300

We visited Ulm, this was our first glimpse from the bikes. Note the lovely old wall with pyramid and cathedral behind.IMG_4128

Ulm is known for having the church with the tallest steeple in the world at 161.53 metres, and as the birthplace of Albert Einstein.IMG_5306

Below the Rathaus. Quoting wikipedia The Rathaus (Town Hall), built in 1370, featuring some brilliantly coloured murals dating from the mid-16th century. On the gable is an astronomical clock dating from 1520. [Can’t see in my photograph] Restored after serious damage in 1944.IMG_4148

The pyramid is Ulm’s public libraryIMG_4147

We had our afternoon break sitting in the square admiring the cathedral

Back on our bikesIMG_5309

We later came across a new cycling challenge – where the Véloroute is seriously gravelled in that the gravel is so deep that one has to cycle very slowly so as not to skid. This was the case for a few kilometres on our way into Günzburg, our stop for the night.

Despite the weather forecast, we only had to shelter from two showers in the day and neither were particularly bad – we were lucky!

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2 Responses to Day 26 Ulm Cathedral and avoiding rain…

  1. Jack Hammel says:

    A plethora of great photos. Lots of sunny days for you guys.

  2. lilinator says:

    Jack, funny you say that, it’s raining this morning. We’re hoping it will clear soon – we want to get to Regensburg and have time to see around it

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