Day 25 Wednesday – Walzing up and down near the Danube

Today we cycled 77 km from Tuttlingen to Herbertingen.

But it wasn’t the cycle we expected!

We met the Danube yesterday, Tuesday evening, in Tuttlingen and will now be following it to Budapest.

As you’d expect, following the course of a river from source, one would be travelling in an overall downhill direction and yes we were but look at the amount of up and down from today’s cycle! We were not expecting that, given that the Veloroute is close to the Danube. However since the river passes through deep gorges, sometimes there is no room for the cycle path other than to go over the hill. The fact that you then go down the hill a little more than up, is little compensation.

Carrauntoohil is 1,038 metres high, today our elevation gain was 1,039 – dare I say another …

Because rain was forecast, we hadn’t set an alarm. As it happened whilst it rained during the night, it had largely cleared by morning. Between our late start and the hills we only managed 77km.

We stayed and had dinner at a lovely, small hotel in Herbertingen, managed by a girl who had visited Sligo twice for horse riding at Grange. It’s such a small world!

Unfortunately I’m finishing this post a day late and have only freezing cold wifi so will have to go without pictures. Will catch up tomorrow hopefully!

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7 Responses to Day 25 Wednesday – Walzing up and down near the Danube

  1. Maire Buckley says:

    Lily, You’ll soon have a full spectrum colour chart to plot the quality of wifi across Europe – “🌈Pan European Wifi Quality Standard🌈” What with recent common roaming charges, this will be a logical progression!! In the meantime, I hope the road doesn’t rise up before you, I wish you lots of easy freewheeling!! Máire 😉😉

    Sent from my iPhone


    • lilinator says:

      Thanks Máire. I have often thought of that Irish blessing – that I don’t want any road to rise before me!
      Speaking of hot and cold wifi – the hotel we are in this weekend has the solution I think. You can have free wifi, albeit cold, or you can pay €4 for hot wifi. No marks for guessing my choice 🙂 I’d happily pay for hot wifi wherever I go.

  2. sligocyclist says:

    Great pen-picture Lily, even without the photos! A Surprise! Well Slept! Well Fed! On Homeward Stretch or Last- Leg(s)! who could ask for anything more? Gute Reise! Viel Spass!

    • lilinator says:

      Thanks Joan. If I get a chance I might add in the pictures, particularly of the lunch time feast of wild strawberries

  3. sligocyclist says:

    Lot of Media publicity here this evening for a blogger called Go Go Dermo who has just retired form primary teaching and set off on a round the world cycle. He’s aiming to be the fastest oldest man to cycle around the world and to raise funds for Trócaire and publicise the Global Goals. Tell D he’s a runner too!

    • lilinator says:

      Joan, I just looked at his blog. Today we have just over 2,000 km cycled in just under 4 weeks, which is roughly 1,000 every 2 weeks and we’re not exactly sitting back.
      His goal is 30,000km in just under 9 months, say 36 weeks which is roughly double our speed and to be sustained over a much longer time. Wow!

      • sligocyclist says:

        I was puzzled because he also seems to plan to visit development projects and as to how he’ll find time to take photos or enjoy an ice cream………

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