Day 30 Monday – Kaiser Karl V and Others…

Today we cycled 105 km to Deggendorf. We made a mess of directions at one point this morning which added kilometres to our journey without progress! We are nearing the Austrian border.

The cycling was very flat. Given I moan about the elevation gain on the bad days, I thought that I should include the graphic for a good day.

It’s clear that we’re following the river downwards from source to sea!

Our lovely hotel last night in Regensburg was right in the centre of the Altstadt (old town) and was really quaint and interesting. For instance, each room entrance had the name of a famous “Regensburger” from the corresponding century in the doorway carpet. We had Room 16 which was Kaiser Karl V (1500-1558), a member of the Habsburgs. Next door was Albrecht Altdorfer (1480-1538), a German painter, engraver and architect of the Renaissance working in Regensburg. Room 14 was Friedrich Auer v. Greenberg whose history I didn’t go into.

Here’s the photo of Kaiser Karl V looking down on us from the wall of our bedroom!

At reception there was a full list of the people after whom the twenty rooms were named. 

Later, having left the hotel, the feminist came out in me and I tried to check this photograph to see if there were any women included but even enlarging the photo, I couldn’t tell. At this stage, still being curious I rang Beata, at reception who had been really helpful the previous evening. I asked her if there were any women on the list and she said yes there was at least one, she’d check to see if there were more. I was happy to hear that at least one woman had made it to the list.

Maybe the recent article in the New York Times on Women in Tech Speak Frankly on Culture of Harassment was too fresh in my mind! (The photograph at the top of this NYT article baffles me though – I digress!)

Anyway back out on our bikes on an overcast morning. We passed this crop wearing what almost looked like raincoats. I’ve no idea what crop it was.

What a sky but not a drop of rain fell on us all day.

Having spent a lot of time over the years in France I’m very familiar with war memorials in villages and towns for their boys and men lost in various wars. Here’s a German war memorial at Gosling for those lost in the first world war.

We passed this flock of sheep and the muzzled sheep dog.

The shepherd then appeared. He asked me if we were English, obviously having heard Denis and I speak. I explained we were Irish. He was happy to have his photograph taken. 

Denis talks about picking hazelnuts as a child in Moneygall. I’m not familiar with hazelnuts growing wild so was happy to see some.

A long river boat – some of these river boats travel quite fast.


We had lunch in Straubing, again another beautiful town, (population 47,000). As we approached the town I could count seven spires in the distance.IMG_4422

We had a lovely lunch in the town centre. I watched a group of elderly people having lunch together nearby and thought of that awful bus crash this morning in Northern Bavaria where eighteen elderly people were killed. Those people on that bus, out on an excursion, were probably thinking mundane things like where they would have lunch and then it’s all over!

I’ve included some pictures of more beautiful buildings in Straubing.IMG_4437IMG_4438IMG_4439IMG_4440IMG_4447IMG_4448

Then it was back on the road. I love the way there are no ditches/hedgerows that would obstruct our view of what’s growing in the fields. Visitors to Ireland don’t have this advantage!IMG_5462

Our first sighting of the cobs developing in the corn (maize) crop.IMG_4454

Just a picture showing the Véloroute on the levee beside the roadway. Denis is the red dot on the levee.IMG_4463

We don’t meet many people walking the route, but this was one.IMG_5466

Rush hour in duckland!IMG_5468

We arrived at our stop for the night in Deggendorf. Having left the Véloroutee, we followed Google maps cycle route to our hotel, except there was the small problem of a railway to cross.IMG_4468

Not a problem they provide a lift that takes bikes to cross under the railway.IMG_4464

We stayed in a nice hotel in Deggendorf and had a lovely dinner. In general I’m not a fan of German food – we’ve come across a lot of sausage, noodles, dumplings… However I do like their Sauerkraut, particularly when it includes caraway seeds. Last night’s dinner however was good, I should have photographed more. The tomato sauce with the steak was a lovely homemade spicy sauce. I loved their generous use of herbs.IMG_4514

Someone later pointed me to a tweet he had seen referring to German food –

Was thinking Germany has beautiful scenery & as many medieval villages & towns as Italy. Should be on tourist lists. Then I looked at the menu. 

I would tend to agree – the scenery, the medieval villages and towns are amazing, the food less so.


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2 Responses to Day 30 Monday – Kaiser Karl V and Others…

  1. Maire Buckley says:

    Lily, I’m noticing how culture changes the streetscape, the framing, food etc. it seems that in such a short distance/ time, like a few days- things have changed utterly. I loved all those photos of Straubling! I noticed also the blue sky in contrast to your early morning dark sky. Máire xx

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  2. lilinator says:

    The changes as we go are amazing Máire. Cycling as opposed to driving is a wonderful way to take it in – a slower mode of transport so more time to see and assimilate.
    We were mostly very lucky with the weather this week, until Friday that is!

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