Day 10 Tuesday Headwind

We had breakfast with Caroline and John and then set off on our merry way on our bikes. We didn’t book accommodation ahead for the night, just took our chances. Today we cycled to Beaugency. We had been aiming for Orléans but we had a significant head wind so we stopped early but had cycled 80km. We had no trouble finding a hotel in Beaugency.

We’re following the Loire so that’s why our route is turning slightly.

Some things we spotted as we cycled along today:

Thankfully neither of us suffers from any allergies but if one had a pollen allergy, it might be difficult cycling along. We think it is from the flower of lime trees and can be seen floating through the air continually. Here, there is so much of it that you can see it gathered on the ground.A particularly nice archway

Passing a nuclear power stationThankfully we see  lots of butterflies… interesting, butterflies and nuclear power 🙂

Though it’s hard to see in the photograph a train car transporter passed us, it was very long and contained hundreds of cars. 

The bridge in Beaugency is interesting in that the shape of the arches varied.

Beaugency is a charming little town. We dinner in a lovely restaurant and were asleep  early.

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  1. Maire Buckley says:

    So glad to hear that you also 😴 😊

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